Neil Patel SEO Webinar Notes

Here's my raw, unedited, 3,004 word notes with actionable insights, case studies, and Q&A from Neil Patel's SEO Webinar on May 26. Please go check him out at, it was a great webinar!

  1. How to increase CTR

  • Use higher CTR to get more clicks and then slowly get more clicks than Google results above you, then you overtake them
  • Sign up for Search Console, sit 30 days, collect data to get CTR
  • Any CTR less than 4% is not good, mess around with title tag/keywords - Use numbers and negative words - Title tags with "What is..." - Include keywords towards the front - Looks at PPC ads for ideas - Aim for 6 word title tags - Include power words and adjectives - Fun, effortless... - Evoking curiosity increases clicks

Title tags

  • ranks 1 on "green tea" - 10 proven benefits of green tea (no 3 is very impressive) - Direct curiosity, buzzfeed/upworthy clickbaity - Increased CTR from 4.5% to 5% without changing position
  • Good ones - "Popular running shoes for women | comfortable running sneakers..." - Popular + comfortable, point to value prop - "Finding the right dog sitter for your pooch - Dogtime" - "Top 24 dog sitter profiles | Linkedin" - "DogBuddy: Trusted Dog Sitting & Boarding in the UK - "From doctor to dog sitter: Why this MD left the hospital to take... – Seattle" - "The best luxury hotels in the world – Five star alliance" - "10 of the best luxury hotel brands in the world – Forbes"
  1. How to get links from the best publications


  • - Had
  • - a
  • -
  • BrazilPost - Didn't even speak english or know him but drives traffic and signups - Paid for translation for correspondence emails and articles
  • InfoMoney (Bloomberg Brazil) -


  • Don't just do it for links, do it for press, leads, and sales


  • Don't email the strategy
  • Network with other writers, email writers at publication - "Hey x, Huge fan of content, love latest post on xyz, few things I would have added/changed. You discuss xyz, but abc would be more useful to your readers. Best of luck, love your articles, didn't mean to be negative, just love seeing you crank out great content. Cheers." - Look for other guest writers / guest contributors - Use Yesware to track opens try and get responses - They usually reply "thanks for tips" - Then send them "Hey Jason, checked other article, you did cover abc which is awesome, did you think of covering def, your fan, thanks for keeping up the good work." - Send off 3rd email "Hey, have a question, want to follow in footsteps as my career progresses, how can I write on forbes, inc..." they'll intro to editor if you've given them enough tips - 30% above works - // "Hey I want to do you a huge favour, I'll write the post for you on this topic your readers want, can you intro to editor to " - Not as successful since more people are
  • Once you have guest account, trade intros and network with other guest writers

Guest Post Rules

  • Don't do this just for the links (you'll start to get greedy)
  • Don't shove links in your posts
  • Don't reuse your content
  • Only guest post on relevant sites (focus on the audience you want, ie. not Buzz Feed)
  • Write high quality content (content stays there for life so make it good)
  • Optimize for keywords


  • Sent out unique content to 4-10 people "Hi I have post discussing...would you be interest"
  • First to reply gets the original
  • Next to reply, send back "Just give me an hour, making some awesome edits."
  1. International Expansion

  • English isn't the most popular language
  • Chinese, Spanish, English, Hindi
  • NP expanding into Portuguese, Spanish, German, Arabic


  • Not as competitive
  • Costs less
  • See results faster

How does a basic site get 40k visitors/month?

  • 88 pages, no backlinks, no referrals...

Most languages aren't competitive

  • Takes 3-6 months to dominate most international markets


  • Translate the content manually (NP paying \$100/post to translate entire site)
  • Build links from the local region (most don't know about link building or SEO techniques etc so are willing to just give them out)
  • Partner with locals
  • Include basic content (South America etc don't know about SEO, still wide open field)
  • Use hreflang (Tells Google the article comes in multiple languages) - Are you targeting language or a country? (Portuguese is different Brazil vs Portugal, Spanish is the same throughout SA)


  • Google Search Console, add sub section for Brazil
  • Click "search traffic" -> "international targeting" -> Choose country/lang targeting
  • ONLY do subdirectory for country targeting, not language
  • Use subdirectory, not subdomain. Carries more link juice.
  • Translated content isn't duplicate

Where to target?

  • of speakers of language

  • GDP of country
  • How strong is currency? If currency is weak, then you can expand their faster/further for same budget.
  1. How to rank for competitive terms

  • Search "online marketing", NP ranks 4, quicksprout ranks 1, despite many other sites with higher domain authority
  • Search "internet marketing" NP has 2 in top 10


  • Started years ago making guides, go above beyond with graphics/custom illustrations, 30,000 word content, subsections with long tail keywords, useful to everyone (beginner's and advanced)...etc
  • Don't forget to cross link - Add sidebars to pages that link to all guides - Focus on high quality content (guides) - Spend time and money on design - Cross link with content and in your sidebar - Don't stress about anchor text - Only cross link when it makes sense - Use an attractive title tag

Title tag vs guide

  • Search engine land vs Moz Guide to SEO - Moz has way more referring domains - SEL has better title tag than Moz, basic content - Moz "SEO: The Beginner's Guide to Search Engine Optimization – Moz" - SEL "What is SEO / Search Engine Optimization? – Search Engine Land"


  • Link out (link out to other relevant content, often those sites find out and link back or contact them and they might share it)
  • Leverage internal links (cross linking)
  • Be patient (not going to rank on competitive terms for 3-6 months)
  1. How to generate social shares (no ads)

  • NP right now, 35% Organic Search, 24% social, 19% direct, 17% email, 5% referral.


  • Social drives 80k visitors/m
  • Email drives over 60% of social traffic
  • Social users are 219% more likely to comment on blog posts
  • Social are 2x more likely to link to your site


  • Share old articles on FB, Twitter since new users haven't seen them

  • Nutrition Secrets did the following and got 35k visitors in 30 days

  • For every 1000 words you write, you should link out roughly 25 times (varied amounts based on content of the post to case studies from Harvard, government stats) - Don't forget to send an email "Hey John, just wanted to let you know I'm a huge fan of your work. So much that I even linked to you in my latest blog post, Feel free to share it if you like the post. Your numbers one fan, Mike" - Strategy worked really well, people thanked for link, some linked back, others shared - Used Yesware to fine-tune copy/subject - Send personal emails early morning 6am PST / 9am EST - Another template to update blog newsletter "Hey, I just wanted to share with you my latest blog post. Let me know what you think. Why your content isn't generating leads (and how to fix it). 42% of B2B marketers view themselves as successful when it comes to content marketing. However, if you've been grinding away for many months, and you've yet to see results from your content marketing efforts – you may be feeling a little bit frustrated. [click to continue]. Thanks Neil. P.S.: If you want to see how I can help you grow your traffic and revenue, go here."

  • Ideal time to share on social web - Midweek & weekends, noon & 6pm

  • Tweet, Tweet. - gives latest top posts ranked by total shares - View sharers even shows who tweeted the article - Email the sharers for similar topic subj: name of article they shared "Hey NAME, I notice that you tweeted one of my favourite trading posts, "_?" (from author name). I actually have a content marketing guide that I am sending out next week that is very comprehensive and provides actionable tips. Want a heads up when it goes live? Cheers Neil Patel P.S. Let me know if there is anything I can help you with." - When the post goes live send out "Here you go [url] Cheers, Mike Jones" you don't even have to tell them to share

  • LinkedIn Groups - Join relevant high follower groups, share update to groups

  1. Ideal Site Architecture

  • Google will show Sitelinks if your site architecture is great (ie. the other posts below main domain in search rankings)
  • A good structure and site architecture means better crawling

How most people plan their site

  • Homepage -> categories -> subcategories -> other pages/posts
  • This seems organized but Google searches every link so posts/pages need to link to each other
  • Internal/cross linking increases SEO Juice


  • Make site hierarchical
  • Keep number of main categories between 2 and 7
  • Balance the sub categories within each category
  • Use a shallow depth navigation structure
  • Add your main sections in your navigation
  • Don't forget to cross link (every page/post should have cross links to other internal pages)
  • Make your navigation in HTML/CSS


  • Kim's -> Menu, Catering, About, Locations -> Chinatown...
  1. Branding

  • Google Trend to see brand
  • Brand is personal names


  • Focus on press and crazy marketing tactics – Chris Barrett from PR Service
  • Leverage social media influences – Dan from Stranger Social - Pay \$100 for someone with influencer account to post your links on big pages
  • Get creative with your ads... - Neil had body builders with Neil Patel on their biceps, models, cooks with food spelling Neil Patel...
  • Instagram strategy, find influencers and pay them to post with your product
  • Gary Vaynerchuk, put phone number on ads for his book and started getting phone calls


  • You want to run your campaigns all at once
  • You need to do this weekly over a period of 2 months - Get people to post pictures/images/links "Who is Neil Patel?"
  • Rotate up the campaigns - Don't just rely on models,
  • Don't expect results right away
  • Branding $ is much more cost effective than Google Ads $

Free marketing course

  • Want to learn more? Check out the AMP!

Real Website Review

  • - Have exit intent form - Lots of wasted form - Auto-detect locale for currency - Link testimonials directly to product that let led them to their results (more internal links/cross links) - Write blogs conversational with you/I pronouns
  • - Rotating carousels don't convert - Add more "Add to Cart" buttons
  • - Put more content on homepage that have same tags as in title - Rips the GrooveHQ tagline again LOL - Pop up
  • - Video less than a minute - Headline should decide what you do - Don't have more than 5 questions, don't ask info if you can get their work email since you can look the rest up with api - Pop up - Simpler homepage leads to more demos - More signup buttons
  • - Do really strong heading like where he leads with H1 statistic "78% of CEO’s Think Marketers Don’t Focus on ROI" and then testimonial "Neil helped me grow my business from $600,000 per year to $15 million." proving that Neil cares about ROI.


  • Quickest ways to boost traffic - Transposh WP plugin that hack translates site to different languages, boosts traffic in 30 days - Cross linking - Infographics, 1/week embed code generator free WP plugin, generates backlinks - How got Kiss to 1mill visitors/month
  • Don't worry about spam traffic messing up analytics data
  • Backlink importance? - Backlinks + content are most important, hardest to manipulate
  • SEO tools? - href - competition ranking for keywords, backlinks, new keywords ranking for - Buzzsumo, insights on competitors, content they rank for - tools - coschedule puts writers / editors together for content scheduling
  • How to improve SEO for longtail/general keywords? - Write lots of content on different topics - Some articles hit huge, others will be long tail
  • Best keyword research for free? - SEMrush keyword ideas for free - site: on any site in Google Search, ranks powerful pages near the top, look at title tags to see what keywords they're focusing on -
  • How many articles is too many? - More is better, no top end
  • I use lots of video, how to build links? - Build links to videos - Embed YouTube - Build links to pages that have the videos and text on those pages - Structured markup, schema
  • Duplicate content issues? - Google doesn't penalize for duplicate content - Just source it and add your own comments on it - Issue is when submitting to big publications, they want unique content
  • Find best writers? - - Good writer, \$0.10-0.13/word
  • Compete in ecommerce? - Build more links (internal) - Competition is impossible, focus on niche - Try to sell one product only on homepage, push upset afterwards
  • Build social following? - Shoutout for shoutout - converts really well - Find enough Facebook groups/fan pages and message I'll promote yours, you promote mine - Twitter engage people in conversation
  • Localized content? - Create subsections for each city - Use it in Google Search Console specified by city
  • Should I lay out all content on homepage or push for them to go to other pages? - A/B test - If more information -> more sales - More pages increases relationship
  • Images - Alt tags - Descriptive correctly spelled file names
  • 5k B2B products, how to choose keywords? - Build up domain authority, build keywords/links to categories
  • Spanish backlinks help for English content too? - Yes - US rankings went up too
  • Automate, speed up link building - Scrapebox goes through all pages by Google Search, finds emails, sends 20k out at a time, really spammy and dangerous
  • Starting blog, priorities? - Write content 3-4 posts - Link out - Contact those you're linking out to - Social - Use hellobar to collect emails for when they come back
  • Changed site architecture, huge drop in rankings, what do i do? - What did you change? categories... - Always keep URLs the same - Go into analytics and see what pages have the least traffic, likely not cross linking enough
  • Lead pages as homepages hurt ranking? - Usually uses iframe which means very little is indexed so won't help
  • Avoid slideshow on commerce, what else? - Highlight 1-2 products - Free shipping
  • Find translators? - Craigslist
  • Web speed impact? - Little to no impact on rankings - Reduces bounce rate because site loads faster
  • Bounce rate affect? - Quite a bit, user metrics in general - If people bounce off the first page, they likely didn't find what they want
  • Fresh or expired domain? - Expired only helps if they have backlinks but usually no diff
  • Has set of $99-199 online courses, how to traction? - udemy... $3-5k/month
  • How many months too many? - Never too many high quality, relevant back links - Link out as many as makes sense, not more than 100-200/page
  • Should use PBN for ranking? - No, when they get caught you're penalized
  • Any business too diff to build seo for? - Anything high cost per click - Drug rehab, car insurance...
  • Social channels to boost rankings? - If something does well on social web, has good content/great title - If successful on social, usually works well on SEO - Ask people in email for favour that "my life mission is to help others be successful, can you write something about me to get my message out there, send me back proof and I'll send you exclusive video" got 100s of emails back
  • Problogger, how's it work? - Tell them to send list of 10 articles, check good ones and send back - Send them an article you like the tone of, break down unique aspects of tone you like, and tell them to match
  • Recording available Monday
  • How to find emails of big publishing sites? - Lots of Googling research
  • Tool to evaluate headlines? - Buzzsumo - NP internal tool
  • If huge follower count but not reads, bad headlines - Copy blogger headline formula
  • Snapchat? - Hasn't worked well for B2B yet - Get other people on Snapchat to follow you
  • Breaking barriers, 20 articles/day, 2 million page views, growth stalled? - Edgier content - More internal links
  • If keyword doesn't have 1k visitors/month don't target
  • SEO for Saas? - Blog - Webinar, lots form fields - Webinars - Create content related to product
  • If wrote killer content, keep on personal blog or guest post? - <5k on personal, guest post - Otherwise keep on personal
  • Food bloggers? - Really loyal audience - Engage immediately, 1st email ask them a question "What should I write more about given my current focus of topics abcd" - Respond to every person's comments - Quizes, engagement and high loyalty
  • When nofollow links? - Only nofollow links from commenters

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