More Slugcats Expansion is a massive expansion to Rain World, releasing as part of Rain World Downpour. More Slugcats adds five new playable characters, each of which has their own storyline, are unique in their abilites, and unique in their spot on the timeline. As a result, there is a lot of new content exclusive to each playthrough. There are new creatures, items, music, alternate endings, as well as 10 new regions spanning over more than a thousand new maps.

This expansion not only adds content, but tackles the base game as well, with quality of life gameplay and mechanical fixes, bug fixes, performance improvements, and other such tweaks and polish to address some of the frustrations that were cited by players and reviewers. It was made with love and passion by a community of Rain World fans who want to see the game equally loved and appreciated by a wider populace.


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The Rivulet
Breathes underwater, and moves through the world with ease. These adaptations are essential, as you'll be pitted against a world of increasingly frequent floods, where time is of the essence.
The Gourmand
An indulger of the simpler pleasures in life. Carrying the world in your stomach gives many tactical advantages, but comes at an increased cost of sustainability.
The Artificer
A fierce combatant, master of pyrotechnics and explosives. Keen to move up in the foodchain, your journey will be one lined with constant bloodshed and warfare.
The Spearmaster
An abnormality with no mouth, who feeds using needles pulled from its body. A traveller from a far away land; A feeling in your depths sets you out once again, messenger...
The Saint
Frail and armed with a long tongue. Your journey will be one of perfect enlightenment, but walking this path requires patience, caution, and complete attunement with the world.



Credits and Contact

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Development Team:

AndrewFM Project Lead, Head Programmer
Willburd Co-Project Lead, Head Level Designer
Progfox Lead Soundtrack Producer
Connor "12LBS" Skidmore Soundtrack Producer
Ongomato VFX Programmer, 3D Environmental Props, Music
Tom "Norgad" Starbuck Region Art Illustrator
AnnoyingFlower Character Portrait Illustrator
Raggedy_Muffins Character Portrait Illustrator
Shupa Mikey Cutscene Illustrator
Bela Cutscene Illustrator
Flirpy Cutscene Illustrator
Hasan Sefer Cutscene Illustrator
Andy "Dakras" Dunn Prop and Environment Design
Minkimaro Concept Artist
the one who screams Programming Assistance
Evan "Cappin" Muncy 3D Environmental Props, Level Design
Logan Soule 3D Environmental Props, Level Design
Hathrar Level Design Assistance
DragonPropaganda Arena Designer