ESIV Map Sources

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Source LinkAuthorESIV Location
Apterra Sabbas Apterus Northern Continent Terrain
Exotopia Jeracraft Southern Continent Terrain
Calastore Gazamo Calastore: Starting Town/Central Hub
Sewer Dungeon Raefar Calastore Sewers
Kingdom of Beret SirBeret Tamriel Dungeon
Abu Simbel LVPVS Abu Simbel Dungeon (Entrance)
Desert Temple TheVoid1313 Abu Simbel Dungeon (To Underground)
Ereseth Neroxyl Abu Simbel Dungeon (Big Open Areas)
Kagrenzal Ruin fonta59_Gotrek Abu Simbel Dungeon (Hallways)
Raldbfar Ruin fonta59_Gotrek Abu Simbel Dungeon (Hallways)
Abandoned Arena Zizitt Abu Simbel Dungeon (Boss Arena)
Pyramid murphytalbot Desert Pyramid
Nether Palace mrc93 Desert Volcano Demon Core
Underwater Wonderland Hypixel Build Team Water Temple Dungeon
Japanese Pagoda ohnoitswoody Training Dojo
Three Towers gayman Mini Tower Dungeons (Stone, Nether, Prismarine)
The Lost Temple UP-GAMES Nature Temple Dungeon (Entrance)
Hide and Go Seek Mineshaft kryMas Nature Temple (Mineshaft)
Bird Sanctuary Roi Louis Nature Temple (Nature Part 1)
La Cit Ferique Team NewRise Nature Temple (Mushroom Tunnel)
Evil Yet Heavenly Abycia Nature Temple (Ceilings)
Obscurity Arena The Artemosky Nature Temple (Nature Part 2)
Terrinthiad Arena Bajansam Nature Temple (Boss Arena)
Garden of the Hallowed Poopsniper102 Graveyard of Gods
Galos Citadel GogocraftFR Galos Dungeon
Witchy Potion Hut ThePixelPony Galos Potion Hut
Nether Fortress gayman Island Volcano Nether Fortress
Fantasy Islands jannekloeffler Wonderland Dungeon (Entrance)
Alice Madness Wonderland Nefashus Wonderland Dungeon (Part 1)
Alice Madness Far East Nefashus Wonderland Dungeon (Part 2)
Alice Madness Dollhouse Nefashus Wonderland Dungeon (Part 3)
Alice Madness Adventure Nefashus Wonderland Dungeon (Part 4)
Fountain City Floating Islands Mattianmcc Wonderland Dungeon (Boss Arena)
Steampunk Owl wzstripes Wonderland Dungeon (Owl Decoration)
Boxing Ring Dean0162 Mountain Boxing Ring
Erebor GorrillaCraft Dwarf Fortress
Borobudur Divici789 Borobudur Dungeon
Blockworks Inc. Blockworks Streakcorp. Dungeon
Eva 02 Divici789 Streakcorp. Eva
Metal Gear Bunker JohnnyCoolwater Streakcorp. Boss Arena
Witches Tower rubarbman12 Forest Witch Hunt
Thontodur Nolrim Infestation Dungeon (Part 1)
Golestandts Den Nolrim Infestation Dungeon (Part 2)
Valraack Nolrim Infestation Dungeon (Part 3)
Fortress of Nar Carloooo Quarry Village Mineshaft
Dabahr Boiyait Schnogot Daahr Boyait Dungeon
Ancient Catacombs Fernando Cerros Waterfall Heart Container
Lethe LordGuntaz Taintlands Buildings
Natural Inferno Portal Syndi Inferno Dungeon (Entrance)
Inferno Tower Minefr3ak123 Inferno Dungeon (Battle Tower)
Burning Inferno Parkour Tetrix1993 Inferno Dungeon (Platforming Segments)
Sky Temple ChickenMac7 Inferno Dungeon (Volcano Intermission)
Fire Castle Draigendore Inferno Dungeon (Intermission Decoration)
Wings of Balrog bowbuilder Inferno Dungeon (Intermission Decoration)
Dragon Bone Passage mastersilverwolf Inferno Dungeon (Intermission Decoration)
Mob Arena Josh_Barnett94 Inferno Dungeon (Boss Arena)
Swordhaven Rayman03 Swordhaven Castle (DJ Strider)
Spires of Lyceum Gazamo Lyceum Magical Academy Dungeon
The Winter's Sanctuary Icariion Winter Sanctuary Dungeon
Mushroom Valley lynchyinc Pech Village
Fairy Mansion Pashjn Touhou Fairy Shrine Area
Antarias darkace6141 Antarias Dungeon
Climate Hope City Blockworks Utopian Greenery Dungeon
Iduna MCServerUK Final Dungeon (Main)
The Eye SilentNoises Final Dungeon (Cloud Flying Segment)
The Kingdom of Cipher Circleight Final Dungeon (Stained Glass Battle Platforms)
Death Sentence Arena AntVenom, Block_Fortress and Hypixel Final Dungeon (True Final Boss Arena)
Angel Statue Duckk Final Dungeon (Angel Statue Decorations)
Aeternium Blockworks Aeternium Dungeon
Anduria Gloryders Aeternium Dungeon (Terrain Entrance)